Our Marketing

Better Online Presentation

  • Our listings are fully complete with information
  • We host all of our marketing materials which make it easier for a buyer to find.
  • Our presentations and information make buyers feel comfortable, making it easier to commit to our listings.

Lawn Sign

  • An effective way to identify a listing in the area
  • Allows neighbours to notify friends and family
  • Puts an agent on your lawn 24/7 (scan or call)

Professional Photography & Drone Photos

  • Professional photos with high-resolution camera
  • Professional editing
  • Twilight photos
  • Digital staging and editing

Professional Videography & Drone Video

  • Professional videography with high resolution camera
  • Professional editing
  • Social Media Videos to draw attention
  • Videos are hosted on Realtor.ca

Virtual Tour

  • 360 floor plan
  • Laser measurements
  • Brochure of photos and room measurements
  • Immersive walk-through
  • Accessible on PC, mobile or virtual reality headset
  • iGuide Example HERE

Virtual or Physical Staging

  • Helps sell much quicker
  • Sells for more money
  • One of the easiest ways to make the sale happen 
  • Helps you stand out above other listings
  • Kelps distract buyers from blemishes or minor wear and tear
  • Helps buyers see property in its very best light

MLS (Realtor.ca)

  • Exposure to local Realtors through Matrix. 
  • Realtor.ca provides information to consumers around the country and world
  • Canada’s most popular and trusted real estate platform

Social Media & Back At You Media

  • Social media promotion of listings
  • Creates a custom landing page for listing
  • Automatically creates a marketing report to show the impact of advertising
  • Guarantees that each post will reach 6000 local people
  • Automatic paid ads (Facebook, Instagram & Google)

Print Marketing, Postcards & Brochures

  • Print is just as important as Social Media
  • Brochures left at the property for buyers to pick up
  • Provides additional information beyond Realtor.ca
  • Postcard mail outs

Digital Brochures & Website Exposure

  • Listing information is presented digitally for out of town buyers
  • Provides an immersive experience causing buyers to spend more time on listing details and marketing content.


Go-Agent App

  • 97% of home buyers use the internet or an app to search for their properties of interest.
  • Being on an app means you’re at the buyers fingertips at all hours of the day.
  • https://goagent.ca/B77ADC66

BombBomb Follow Up

  • Main complaint of other Realtors – Lack of Follow Up
  • Keeping in touch with style & uniqueness
  • Raising the bar on communication = Increased Results
  • https://vid.us/d8yj6b

We’ll Keep You In The Loop

  • You will know what’s happening at all times.
  • We provide feedback and marketing analytics to give you an idea on how your listing is performing in the market.

E-Signature Programs

  • Sign documents on the go
  • Great for busy Sellers with difficult schedules
  • Sign anytime, anywhere, using any device.
  • Eliminates lengthy signing processes or missed deadlines.
  • Helps clients close their deals quicker and more efficiently.

Moving Concierge & Checklists

  • Reminder Emails to Sellers Regarding Changing/Updating:
    • Utilities and services
    • Changing addresses
    • Arranging the movers
    • Updating government ID
    • Getting insurance
  • A personal move plan tailored for every client
  • Keeps clients on track with reminders and suggestions
  • Streamlines the moving process and saves clients hours